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The AquaThruster from The Weeders Digest is your latest weapon against lake muck, algae blooms,and floating weeds and debris. Totally revamped and redesigned, the Aquathruster is a multifaceted clean up tool that you can use to blast lake muck from your shorelines and lake bottoms, prevent algae blooms, and prevents floating weeds and debris from entering your dock and swimming area.

The Aquathruster has been created to handle the rigors of removing and blowing sediment/lake muck from your lake bottom. It has the ability to blast muck from 20-100 feet in each direction depending on which HP and model you choose.


  • Efficient operation as the ½ hp draws 5 amps or the bigger ¾ hp draws 6.5 amps, and the 1 hp draws 11 amps
  • Comes standard with 50’ of submersible power cord and you can increase the cord length in 50’ increments
  • All components are UL listed and UL approved
  • Multi-faceted clean-up tool
  • Includes unconditional two-year warranty
  • Available in 110 or 220 Volt option
  • 3 sizes including ½, ¾, and 1 hp
  • 3 mounting options – Dock, Float, and free standing frame

NOTE: Some states may have regulations regarding methods that moves or removes the lake bottom. You may want to contact your local representative for information on possible regulations in your area.


dockmountAqua-Thruster-Dock-Mount-Muck-Removal-Weeders-Digest Aqua Thruster Dock Mount — The dock mount is our most popular and works great for cleaning up areas in and around your dock.  It is adjustable up to 5’ water depth so you can use it for blasting lake muck by positioning close to the muck bottom or you can raise it to just below the water surface to maintain a floating weed and algae area.

floatmount Float-Mount Aqua Thruster Float Mount — The float option is ideal if you don’t have a dock/pier and want to blast algae and floating debris as the Aquathruster sits two feet below the float.  Price is the same regardless of which mounting option you choose.


Free Standing Aqua Thruster FrameAqua Thruster Free Standing Frame — The free standing frame works great for cleaning up the balance of your lake shore or if you don’t have a dock or pier.  It is easy to reposition and is very effective for blasting sediment or floating debris and algae.

oscillatorAqua-Thruster-360-Oscillator-Muck-Weed-Removal-Get-rid-of-aquatic-weeds Aqua Thruster 360  — You can add the 360 degree oscillating motor to your Aquathruster to maximize up to a 360 degree coverage area!  The oscillating motor is a fantastic convenience tool because it enables you to mount your Aquathruster in one dock location so you don’t have to reposition.

AquaThruster dock mount for how to get rid of lake muck
Weeders Digest’s PORTABLE DOCK POST MOUNT makes moving your AquaThruster around your dock easier than ever. We have just added it to our selection of mounting options due to our customers needs. It quickly sides over any dock post up to 3.5 inches. Simply tighten a few bolts and your ready to start getting rid of your muck or blowing floating weeds & debris far away from your beach.  If you want to move in to another location on your dock or share with a neighbor simply loosen the bolts and slide it off! its that easy. This might be our most convenience option to mount your AquaThruster or AquaBlaster! SWEEP YOUR BEACH CLEAN! Learn more here

Get Rid of Sludge Aqua Thruster

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