Safely Manage Aquatic Weeds, Muck & Algae

AquaThruster LakeWeed Beach Muck Solution Blower

The Aqua Thruster from Weeders Digest is your latest weapon against lake muck, algae blooms, twigs, leaves and floating weeds & debris. Now available in 4 different powerful motors and 6 different mounting options.

The Customizable Aqua Thruster is a multifaceted lake shore clean up tool, water circulator & aerator designed to maintain a healthy swimming area and shoreline & prevent floating aquatic weeds and debris from entering your dock and swimming area.

This multi-purpose lakeshore management tool will meet, or exceed your expectations when used properly. The AquaThruster has many benefits and has one of the highest satisfaction rates amongst our customers.


  • Maintains your swimming area and shoreline
  • Protects against weeds, algae, leaves, muck & decaying debris
  • Maintains up to a 150 ft diameter area from one location
  • Sweeps the waterfront of floating weeds and debris
  • Keeps sediment from settling on the bottom
  • Circulates water & Provides aeration
  • Reduces stagnant water
  • See results in as little as two days

6 mount styles to choose from.



  • Available in 4 powerful models:  ½ hp  ¾ hp 1 hp & 2 hp
  • 6 mounting options available (learn more)
  • Available in 110 or 220 Volt option
  • Comes standard with 50’ of submersible power cord (optional cord lengths available up to 250′)
  • All components are UL listed and UL approved
  • Includes unconditional two-year warranty
  • Efficient operation

Dont forget to watch our product VIDEOS and browse our other pages to get a good idea of which configuration will work best for you.

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NOTE: Although the Aqua Thruster is completely legal to use in all 50 states, some states may have regulations regarding methods that move or remove the lake bottom.