The AquaThruster Is the Best Tool for Algae Bloom Prevention

The AquaThruster has proven time and time again to be the most effective way to get rid of and prevent Algae Blooms. Unhealthy algae blooms and muck are commonly transposed. In actuality, they are entirely different types of specimen. The common green algae found in most bodies of water, Cladophora (muck), is not synonymous with blue-green algae. Blue-green algae is actually not an algae, but instead, it’s a bacteria known as cyanobacteria. Each of these blooms (i.e. blue-green and green) can be found in similar locations…but they differ greatly in appearance and in their growth contributing factors throughout the Great Lakes.

*One particular bloom that has become problematic is the Microcystis Bloom. Because of this many lakefront property owners look to Weeders Digest for the best Algae Bloom control solutions available. This particular bloom has been found in the Western Great Lakes Region. This type of bloom generally doesn’t end up on shorelines or attached to watercrafts, piers or docks. However, what makes it problematic is its potentially toxic attributes that have been recently discovered.

*Another bloom found within the entire Great Lakes Region is the Cladophora Bloom. This bloom creates a dense surface layer and is often times found on shorelines based on wind patterns. Wherever these blooms are found, areas of muck and sediment will also be found–creating a potential for bacteria buildup.
*This type of bloom does not have any toxicity issues…but it is however a major nuisance in this region of the country.