Clean muck and weeds

AquaThruster is the only waterfront and clean-up and maintenance tool you will ever need....guaranteed!


The Aqua Thruster by Weeders Digest is your latest weapon against lake muck, algae blooms, twigs, leaves and floating weeds & debris. Now available in 4 different powerful motors and 6 different mounting options so it can be customized to fit every application, no matter how severe. The customizable Aqua Thruster is a multifaceted lake shore clean up tool, water circulator & aerator. It is designed to effectively maintain a healthy swimming area and shoreline by naturally removing & preventing muck and aquatic weeds. The AquaThruster also works to prevent floating weeds and debris from entering your dock and swimming area. This multi-purpose lakeshore management tool will meet, or exceed your expectations when used properly. The AquaThruster has many benefits and has one of the highest satisfaction rates amongst our customers.




I wish I would have done a before and after video… Installed the thruster myself which was really easy – Turned on the 1 hp. unit and within 10-15 minutes the shoreline was clear… I was shocked how well, how quick and how far it reaches. It really works! Also, super simple to program the 360 turning unit – took 2 minutes to read and follow the instructions. Lastly – I have about 175 ft. of shoreline and my wife’s comment was wow you can really see the bottom, I’ve never seen that… We’ve lived there for 20 years.


Benefits / Features

  • Maintains your swimming area and shoreline
  • Protects against weeds, algae, leaves, muck & decaying debris
  • Maintains up to a 150 ft diameter area from one location
  • Sweeps the waterfront of floating weeds and debris
  • Circulates water & Provides aeration
  • Reduces stagnant water
  • See improvements in as little as a few hours of use
  • All components are UL listed and UL approved
  • Includes unconditional two-year warranty
  • Efficient operation

HorsePower Options

  • 1/2hp 3/4hp 1hp 2h Motors available in 120v or 220v
  • Cord lengths available in 50′ – 100′ – 150′ – 200′ – 250′

Lake muck prevention - Weed BlowerThis diagram is designed to give you a general idea of the difference in "thrust power" between motor sizes.

Which HP should you choose? That simply depends on what you're trying to accomplish. How large of an area do you want to keep clear of muck and bottom debris. And how much of an area on the surface do you want to clear away floating weeds and dead vegetation.

Mounting Options

We have designed a variety of  Dock Mounted & Freestanding mounting options to fit every application.
Clean your lakeshore 360
Clean your shoreline - post mount
Blow weeds from your shoreline - truss mount
Clear lake weeds dock mount
Aquatic Weed Control
Clean your shoreline - freestanding frame
Keep your lakeshore clean - float mount

Clean your lakeshore 360360 Oscillator

The 360 Oscillator attachment by Weeders Digest is fully programmable to turn 0 or 360 degrees. Oscillates at a rate that is the most effective for moving muck and surface water long distances. (Adjusts 20 degrees every 20 minutes)

The motor runs on low voltage power so the operational costs are minimal. Adding it to your current set up takes just a couple of minutes. It also comes with a full 2 year warranty.

Lake muck prevention weed blower 360

Clear lake weeds dock mountDock Mount

The Dock Plate Mount bolts to the top and side of a dock or pier and allows you to raise and lower the motor(adjustable up to 5’ water depth) up and down & side to side as needed. You can also control the angle of the circulation. The motor head should be tilted slightly upwards when operating your unit to control muck, lake weeds, algae & floating debris. This will prevent the powerful motor from creating a divot under your dock or pier washing away the actual bottom of the lake.

Aquatic weed control

The Dock Mount is one option that is included with your purchase of any model. It is a solid choice if you have no need to relocate your unit around your dock often. If your looking for something more portable you might want to check out our OTHER MOUNTS.

Remove lakeshore muck - Truss MountTruss Dock Mount

The Truss Dock Mount attaches to the side of your dock like a sandwich style vice. It tightens on in under 2 minutes without damaging your dock. This mount is designed to fit on the side “truss” of your dock frame. Its also quick and easy to move around your dock or pier. No need to drill holes in your dock. Extremely portable and easy to install. Clean lakeshore muck - Truss MountClean your lakefront - Truss Mount

Clean your lake - postmountPortable Dock Post Mount

If portability and ease of use is what you are looking for, the portable dock post mount might be what you need. It uses the stability of your existing dock posts as a foundation of security. You’ll mount the AquaThruster to this and you are set. It’s super easy and super convenient to use. It allows maximum coverage area of your peach with a quick attachment option.

Clean your beachfront - post mount

To relocate you’ll just loosen a few bolts and slide it off. Allowing you to rotate locations around your dock if desired.

Fits Round & Square Dock Posts up to 4 inches In Diameter!

Portable Post Mount

Lakeshore Aquatic Weed ControlBottom Frame for 360 degree Oscillator

The Portable Bottom Frame mount enables you to use your 360 degree oscillator without mounting to a dock!

Lake Muck Prevention FrameFreestanding Frame Mount

The FreeStanding Frame is a good choice for those who don’t have a dock or pier or if you want the ability to move your thruster around your lakeshore to cover more area.  The height is adjustable and it the angle can easily be changed by turning the frame in the direction you want to maintain from Sludge, Muck, Auquatic Weeds & Algae.

It also works great as a deicer. You’re are able to keep a very large area open in the winter without having to be connected to a dock.

clean your lakeshore - Free Standing Frame Mount

Keep your lakeshore clean - float mountFloat Mount

The float option for the Aqua Thruster works by allowing you to tie the system to something on the bank, anchor it using cement blocks, or tie it between docks. You will want to make sure that your tie off is secure enough to hold the force of the motor as they are very powerful.

Some applications would be such as if you don’t have a dock or pier and want to circulate water or blow algae and floating debris way from an area. When in the water, Aqua Thruster motor sits two feet below the float and is not adjustable to go deeper.

We have many other mounting options available . You can get one or purchase multiple mounts if needed.