The Aqua Thruster by Weeders Digest is your latest weapon against lake muck, algae blooms, twigs, leaves and floating weeds & debris. Now available in 4 different powerful motors and 6 different mounting options so it can be customized to fit every application, no matter how severe. The customizable Aqua Thruster is a multifaceted lake shore clean up tool, water circulator & aerator. It is designed to effectively maintain a healthy swimming area and shoreline by naturally removing & preventing muck and aquatic weeds. The AquaThruster also works to prevent floating weeds and debris from entering your dock and swimming area. This multi-purpose lakeshore management tool will meet, or exceed your expectations when used properly. The AquaThruster has many benefits and has one of the highest satisfaction rates amongst our customers.

Benefits / Features

  • Maintains your swimming area and shoreline
  • Protects against weeds, algae, leaves, muck & decaying debris
  • Maintains up to a 150 ft diameter area from one location
  • Sweeps the waterfront of floating weeds and debris
  • Circulates water & Provides aeration
  • Reduces stagnant water
  • See improvements in as little as a few hours of use
  • All components are UL listed and UL approved
  • Includes two-year warranty
  • Efficient operation

HorsePower Options

  • 1/2hp
  • 3/4hp
  • 1hp
  • 2hp
  • Motors available in 120v or 220v
  • Cord lengths available in 50′ – 100′ – 150′ – 200′ – 250′

Mounting Options










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What our clients say about this product?

Amazing... Fantastic
I wish I would have done a before and after video… Installed the thruster myself which was really easy – Turned on the 1 hp. unit and within 10-15 minutes the shoreline was clear… I was shocked how well, how quick and how far it reaches. It really works! Also, super simple to program the 360 turning unit – took 2 minutes to read and follow the instructions. Lastly – I have about 175 ft. of shoreline and my wife’s comment was wow you can really see the bottom, I’ve never seen that… We’ve lived there for 20 years.
Greg M
After 6 years of hating the 18 inches of muck that I’d sink into off the end of our dock and the kids not wanting to swim because of all the curly leaf pond weed, I finally broke down and purchased an aqua thruster with the 360 oscillator…and can’t believe I waited six years to do it. It has completely transformed our swim area, and I still can’t believe that we now have a hard bottom! It’s a leap of faith well worth taking.
Mucks Away
Product has been great. Bought the 3/4 HP style and it made an immediate difference. We live in a bay and the Thruster keeps the water moving.




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