360 Oscillator

The 360 Oscillator attachment by Weeders Digest is fully programmable to turn 0 or 360 degrees. Oscillates at a rate that is the most effective for moving muck and surface water long distances. (Adjusts 20 degrees every 20 minutes)

The motor runs on low voltage power so the operational costs are minimal. Adding it to your current set up takes just a couple of minutes. It also comes with a full 2 year warranty.

Is it worth it?

Most people are very happy with their decision to buy but It depends upon how you evaluate the benefit. But no matter what, that is what it took to develop a product that offered the reliability and dependability backed up with a 2 year warranty and make certain there are no 110 volt issues on the water and be certain that it is easy to install, well that took some real creative ingenuity.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is addressing the OSCILLATOR ONLY as an attachment. It comes standard with a Dock Plate Mount but will also fit our Portable Post Mount & Side Truss Mount for our AquaBlaster or AquaThruster.

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What our clients say about the Oscillator?

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Quality and Simplistic - Yes Very Effecient
I am always worried about the set up on electronics because of how complicated they can be, but to my amazement this was simple and did exactly as stated. The 20 min delay before the oscillation begins is a little long, and wish that that amount of time could be adjusted but that is a minor detail.

Great Addition to my AquaThruster
I started using the thruster 2 years ago and it works great to keep my dock area clear, but it was evident that the oscillator would be more efficient than adjusting by hand all the time. We installed the oscillator this spring and it works great. Keeps the whole area clean without all the work. Well worth the investment. It was easy to install and set up.